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Why we are not getting ahead. Why your life sucks


Do you want intelligent people to run the systems that are complex and challenging? Do you want the best executives to run public companies? Do you want the best doctors to run your hospitals? Yes of course. Hierarchies of competence make sense. They work. They are extremely valuable. If you break your leg you would want the best doctor to put you back together. You would want the best teachers to guide your children.

Look around you. How many systems based on a hierarchy of competence do you see around you? Our country’s government? Hello no. Our educational system? Probably not. Your local government. You probably don’t bother to check, so probably not. Your company you work for? Chances are NO if you don’t work for Unitel or some other great enterprise. Your family? Your own home? Better make sure it’s a YES.

Things will improve? Nope.

What has our government been like for the last 25 years? Has it improved? It hasn’t. It’s getting more aggressive, polarized, and less intellectual each election cycle. Will it change? Don’t kid yourself. Why? Because of the politicians you (and I) and your fellows elect. Here you and I go for the one that resonates best with us. Our resentment for Chinese is number one, our hate of foreigners who make more money, driving better cars, living in bigger apartments are number two. Third are people all people who make more money than you. Those who save, invest, and have companies listed in Hong Kong, London, etc. Let’s call them fucking offshore assholes.

Why your life sucks

But let’s set the record straight. The source of your misery and misfortune is you. Not the foreigners, not the Chinese, or Noyon Uul, or the Oyu Tolgoi investment agreement. Stop blaming external events which are irrelevant to you, which you can’t influence, which you can’t change, for your suffering. The reason why you are stuck in your miserable life is because you waste your productive time, let’s say 8-10 hours of the day, on social media, watching useless youtube video’s, and looking for excuses not to improve your English, Korean, Japanese, or whatever language you should learn to get a job. The reason why you are not being paid top MNT (or Dollar) is because you are unable to create valuable presentations, precise excel calculations, and you can’t even write without spelling and grammatical mistakes. Your personal skills are limited to being angry, kissing ass, and throwing fits. Unable to listen and communicate in nuanced ways you are stuck in your hell.

Look back at your friends who have all surpassed you. Remember the guy who always did his homework, learned English in his free time, volunteered whenever possible, and was active on the weekends.

The cost of wasting your time

How valuable is your time? How much does your employer pay you per hour? MNT5,000? 10,000? 25,000? Would you pay yourself MNT10,000 per hour for what you do every day? The 4-5 hours per day you waste on browsing social media or watching useless Youtube videos? If you won’t even pay yourself for what you do with your life, how the fuck do you want to get ahead? The individual who spends time reading useful books, watch instructional videos, attends trainings is INVESTING his time into the future. He or she wont receive immediate pay of course, but eventually an opportunity or job offer WILL COME and the prepared ones will be chosen, will be paid, and will GET AHEAD. Most of the people who belong to the 1%, who have gotten ahead, and who make and have more than you, probably deserve it.

Do me a favor and follow/meet someone who is hyper productive. Someone who doesn’t sit around, who uses free time to improve, who is climbing and constantly looking up and striving to improve his life and his surrounding. Let’s say every hour he or she spends on progress he/she gets paid MNT10,000 per hour. 5 hours per day, 6 days per week, 12 months per year, over 15 years. What do we get? 5 x 6 x 4 x 12 x 15 x MNT10,000. That’s MNT 216,000,000. Would this improve your miserable life? Probably. This is additional income. Not counting any interest. Not counting opportunity. Now, tell me that life is unfair, that opportunity always passes you by, and you should be given stuff for free.


Stop being a victim. Stop blaming others for your empty table, empty fridge, empty bank account. Move your ass. Make something out of yourself. Educate yourself. Be useful. Shape your immediate surroundings. Something happening 600km away from you – DON’T BOTHER. Make the world around you a better place every day. Pick up the load you are given and bear the burden. Walk step by step and get ahead. If not – please lie down and die in silence and don’t be a burden to those who carry the weight of their existence and go forward.

Anyway. All love. I don’t hate you 🙂

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